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Mike H - 48 years old

I had my circumcision about 3 weeks ago for health reasons.Due to problems with my frenulum I had to have it removed. It was done on the NHS, very badly and left bad scarring and a tight foreskin.I did not what to have my circ done on the NHS,but by someone who carrys them out on a day to day basis. I contacted Dr Al-Ali who was very helpful and explained over the phone what he could do for me.So i made an appointment and only had to wait a few weeks,it would have been as quick as 2 weeks but I had a holiday booked.When i arrived the whole team were very professional and made me feel at ease. Dr Al-Ali explained everything to me and worked out the best way to solve my problems.It was agreed that a low and loose circ,Which he does not normally carry out, would be best to solve my problems. This was also due to the large difference between flacid and erect penis size (grower),this was so it would not be to thight when erect.The whole op was painless, even the anesthetic jab was not as bad as i was expecting.Dr Al-Ali and his assistant made me feel relaxed although the op.3 weeks on and all is looking good and healing well.The night time erections were probably the worst the part of the whole thing, but it was worth it and confirmed things still worked! I would like to thank Dr Al-Ali and team for a very profesional service and would recommend his clinic to anyone. Don't get it done on NHS go private if you can.

Eesa – 20 years old

It’s been about 5-6 since I had the circumcision. Before getting the circumcision done I was quite scared because I thought it would be gory and painful, this was not the case. Dr Al Ali told me what he was going to do and was straight forward, confident and said what was needed to put my mind at ease. He basically said it’s an easy procedure and there’s nothing to worry about. He was right, you feel no pain at all during the circumcision, you could watch TV if you wanted, although I didn’t feel to take advantage of that. I don’t want to type an essay but from experience I can tell you that there is nothing to worry about because it doesn’t hurt at all. After the circumcision there was swelling and discomfort which is expected. I stayed at home for just over a week to heal and then I was back out again. If you were to take my advice I would say take 2 weeks off. Right now, the circumcision is as I expected it to be and there is very little scarring. 
Thank you Dr Al Ali, Jazakallah Khair.

Jason - 31 years old

  I don't usually write feedback, but I feel I owe Dr Al-Ali one in this case. I recently had a circumcision done with Dr Al-Ali. I'm 31 years old. My circumcision was done for health reasons i.e. to get rid of re-occuring thrush. My GP only kept giving me cream, but the thrush always came back which was embarassing and annoying. So I decided to get circumcised! I had done a lot of reading on the internet and felt that this was the best action to take. It turned out that this was the best decision I have ever made. 
Dr Al-Ali is a real professional. Apart for the first local anesthetic jab, the procedure is completely painless. Once the operation was over Dr Al-Ali gave me a quick overview of the aftercare procedure and off I went. The first couple of days were pain free. There was some discomfort during the first week (damn those night erections!), but that was to be expected. I was completely healed and having sex again after 3.5 weeks. Do not believe the stuff you read on the internet that say it takes 3 - 6 months to recover. It doesn't! And I even had my frenulum removed (which has actually improved my sex life)! 

S D - 50 years old

As a guy in his fifties I had reason to visit my GP with a very tight Frenulum Breve and slight Phimosis conditions that were getting worse with age.  A circumcision was recommended and a referral to a consultant followed, confirmation of a circumcision that would be carried out under general anaesthetic, eventually, even with private medical I would have to wait. I decided to self pay and research a specialist to get the best job done I could and thus I checked out the Circumcision in London Clinic and Dr Al-Ali. I checked his GMC number and searched for complaints and found none.  I arranged a consultation, because of my journey to this stage I knew what to expect and was pleased with the confirmation and that the procedure would be done under Local Anaesthetic. The Local worked brilliantly after the first injection I felt nothing there after, the procedure was carried out professionally and with explanation as it progressed, I could even have a conversation with Dr Al-Ali and his assistant Mohammed. Aftercare instruction was given, then I was encouraged to sit and settle given a couple of pain killers and an aftercare leaflet, which Dr Al-Ali went through. I could have driven home but had a friend drive just in case. Everything went according to plan and when a few weeks later I had a concern, I e-mailed Dr Al-Ali with a photo and asked for his opinion which he promptly replied to reassure me, the prompt response was appreciated.

Five months later I have adjusted to the circumcision very well and in fact I’m now a fan and would recommend to anyone who feels it would benefit them, to go ahead. From my experience the Circumcision in London Clinic and the team did the best possible job for me it’s always difficult decision for an older male to make but with neat stitches and an eye to the aesthetics Dr Al-Ali gave me the best result I could have expected.

D - 30

I had a adult procedure done a month ago and feel I needed to give a honest feedback as I'm fully healed now. Dr Al-Ali is top notch surgeon, I very happy I chosen the right doctor and the procedure went well with no hiccup. Dr Al-Ali has a professional and understanding demeanor. Enabling me to confidently make a decision to go ahead with the procedure. I was surprised they can fit me in for an appointment at such short notice. My procedure was on 31st Dec 2010, the last one carried for the day/year. Due to my work schedule and seeing I had a 2 week time window open. I email for a last minute appointment and was booked in right away.

  Admittedly, I was very nervous, though both Dr Al-Ali and his assistant put me at ease and was very patient that I felt comfortable before the go ahead. I'm the type of person who tends to look away when faced with a needle. Hence I chosen not to look down until the procedure was done. Apart from the first needle for local anaesthetic, I didn't feel any pain at all. I spent most of my time "corpse out" on the table and looking at the ceiling light to take my mind away from what Was happening during the procedure.

  Overall, it turned out much more pleasant than I expect. Personal anxiety was the only problem and to be honest, there was nothing to worry about. Post-op, the only problem I had was the "morning wake-up" call I had in the morning. This I remedied by having a pee at night. Then getting up walking up and down my room till it subsided. I got myself two boxes of Ibuprofen, but only ended up using up just one boxes. The Ibuprofen wasn't for the pain, it just helped to forget what happening downstairs while I carried on my daily life.

Bandage/dressing was taken off on day 7. By the second week, the stitches was all off and I feeled good enough to ride my motorbike. By week 3, I'm more or less recovered. Stories I heard on the internet seems to have a bogus 3-4 months recovery time. Which isn't the case with me, hence I just concluded as scaremongering.

  Overall, I like to say I'm glad I chosen Dr Al-Ali for my procedure. It was a pleasant experience compared to what I assumed it will be like.

Abdullah Nelson- 32 years old

I was very nervous when I arrived at the clinic but Dr Al-Ali explained the procedure to me fully and quickly put me at ease.
I would like to say the circumcision treatment carried out by Dr Al-Ali and his assistant was of the highest standard you could possibly expect. Dr Al-Ali's professional and friendly manner is the perfect way to make anxious patients such as myself relax when they are having this procedure done.
The procedure itself was completely painless, I am in day 1 after the operation, and I am pain free.
Dr Al-Ali and his assistant were extremely professional and I felt 100% confident that I was in good hands.
All praise is due to Allah and may he give Dr Al-Ali and his assistant may more years to provide this important service in the community.

Dean J

I'd like to feedback my experience on my re-circumcision by Dr.Al-Ali in September 2010.  The process was easy, no pain at all, even the injection was almost pain-free, and throughout the procedure I felt no discomfort.  The healing took only 10-12 days with the dissolvable stitches finally all coming out on the 15th day leave a scar that is almost invisible. The end result has surpassed my expectations completely with the shaft skin now being smooth and wrinkle free and the old scar completely removed.  I can honestly say that it is as close to perfection that I can have imagined. I would heartily recommend Dr Al-Ali to anyone either for an initial circumcision or 're-do' but would stress two things that need to be done prior. Firstly know what you want the result to be, tight/loose,  high/low, etc and be honest when answering any questions, if you have a piercings say so - it does make a difference.  I most certainly will be shouting out to anyone just how excellent the service and standards of Dr Al-Ali.  Thank you so very much

Tim W - 35 years old

I had my circumcision on the 6th of June, a Sunday morning to fit into my work schedule. I was surprised how at ease i felt in Dr Al-Ali's office and indeed his safe hands. The operation took just over two hours to complete, removing the frenulum as well, and I healed much faster than many websites I had read suggested. I had minimal bruising, no swelling of the inner skin at all and my scar has healed really well over the last months. When people say circumcision later in life is painful and a big operation - it's really not true. I was very badly behaved with my recovery and didn't rest nearly long enough before lifting, working, jumping (the nature of my work and I was thrown right back in) but his handiwork is so proficient that it made no difference to my recovery!
I'd do it all over again! 

Dawuud Malik- 28 years old

All thanks and praises is due to Allah first, he is one, he is the only and he has no partners, he is neither begotten nor does he beget. I ask Allah to bless Dr Al-Ali and his assistant Mohammed with peace and mercy in this world and the next and I ask for Allah to make their children not need and be steadfast in their religion. I had my circumcision exactly 1 month ago now and I purposely left my feedback this long as this was the time frame Dr Al-Ali gave me to recover fully so I just wanted to see if my experience would be how Dr Al-Ali told me it would be before I wrote about my experience, and now my time is up I am delighted to say everything went exactly the way Dr Al-Ali told me it would (by the will of Allah). Dr Al-Ali and his assistant Mohammed are very professional and experienced. The venue was very clean and I was made to feel very comfortable. The whole procedure was explained to me clearly and (all praise to Allah) everything went accordingly from the start to the end so if you undergo surgery then listen to the doctor keenly. Although I was probably not the best patient that walked through the door, but still Dr Al-Ali and his assistant Mohammed was very patient while I was being less than helpful. And last but not least:
Thank you Dr Al-Ali and thank you Mohammed.

G Parish

I had already been circumcised on the NHS a few years prior to seeing Dr Al-Ali. The result was ok but not a neat or tight as I would have liked. I therefore undertook a recircumcision at Dr Al-Ali's surgery. Dr Al-Ali and his assistant Mohammed were both extremely friendly, professional and attentive to my needs. I also had the opportunity to explain in detail what I was looking for and this was all taken on board before the procedure was started. It has been just over a month since the procedure and the result is far superior to the previous one. The scarline is much neater and overall a much better result. I would highly recommend Dr Al-Ali to anyone considering being circumcised or indeed looking for a revision of a previous one. It is obvious Dr-Al-Ali's experience as a plastic surgeon is perfect for this type of procedure.

Dariusz - 34 years old

I am polish and live in Ireland. I could not find any good doctor over here and decided to search internet and that is how i found this clinic.I read all feedbacks and information on this page and decided to go ahead. Dr Al-Ali performed the procedure on me 3 months ago. It was High and Tight type and everything was done within an hour.
I have to say it was very professional job, i did not feel any pain and recover very quickly. Very friendly atmosphere which Dr. Al-Ali and his assistant Mohammed created. Dr Al -Ali let my wife to be present during procedure help me to fight all worries.
Thanks to Dr Al-Ali and his assistant Mohammed, they are great. 


Thierry - 37 years old

I am a 37 year old French man and until a week ago I still had my foreskin.
For many months I sought advice about circumcision and was told on many occasion by  doctors and friends not to go under the knife. 3 weeks ago I realised that the only person apt to make a decision about my circumcision was myself.
I made an appointment to see Dr Al-Ali and I must say as soon as I walked into the practice I knew I was in safe hands. Dr Al-Ali and his assistant acknowledged me straight away and made me feel very welcome and comfortable. I had a private consultation with Dr Al-Ali within minutes of my arrival. At that stage I was told there was no obligation to go ahead with the intervention. Dr Al-Ali is passionate about what he does and not money driven. Dr Al-Ali was very calm, caring, and genuinely interested in my welfare, it took the time to explain the benefits of the operation and even showed me pictures of the different stages of the intervention. I never felt under pressure or hurried about making a decision but I knew in my head this was what I wanted and I was ready for it.
The operation lasted 2 hours. Dr Al-Ali and his assistant showed extreme confidence and professionalism during the operation. They communicated well together and always checked if I was ok and were happy to answer all the questions I had.
I decided to look away during the operation but I can guarantee that the operation was painless. Once terminated, Dr Al-Ali showed me the result. I was extremely pleased.
It was a very neat job. After 45 minutes consultation and 2 hour surgery Dr Al-Ali still had energy to seat with me and chat while I waited for my cab.
Today it’s been 3 weeks since the operation took place. The stitches have all gone and I will slowly resume my active sex life.
I am so proud of myself for having gone ahead with it but most of all I consider myself very lucky to have been operated on by Dr Al-Ali. He is a top surgeon with a good soul.
Thank you very much. I am extremely grateful for your work and the whole experience.


E B - 74 years old

  In 1982, at age 47years, I was circumcised. However I was never entirely happy with the procedure and so in 2010 I researched the internet to obtain details of a recircumcision procedure. By telephone, Dr Al-Ali was by far the most helpful in answering my problem and so I arranged to call at his surgery. At the age of 74, I was somewhat in trepidation, but Dr Al-Ali and his assistant, Mohammed, soon put me at ease. The procedure would be more complicated than an original circumcision and all this was explained to me in great detail with no pressure on time. I was very impressed by the professionalism of Dr Al-Ali and the relaxed atmosphere in which the procedure would be carried out. All so clean, tidy and totally organised with Dr Al-Ali and Mohammed working as a team. Throughout the procedure, Dr Al-Ali explained what he was doing and the chatting between us enabled the 1hour 40 minutes to pass very quickly. At no time during the procedure did I feel uncomfortable. The attention to detail was very impressive and in no way could it be considered a rush job. The advice given after the procedure was extremely helpful and I was soon back to a normal lifestyle in a matter of days with no after effects - no bleeding, no pain or embarrassment. Dr Al-Ali is a professional "par excellence" and I was very pleased to visit him again after 9 weeks to thank him and Mohammed for their personal attention. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Al-Ali for such procedures.


Curtis Steele - 38 years old

I would like to put my comments across to thank you on the brilliant work that was done on your expertise of work. It has only been 2 weeks and the work that has been done looks very good I can not thank you enough. Thank you for the excellent work. As a Caribbean man i am over the moon appreciation. I would recommend him to anyone.


Patrick Leslie - 70 years old

It is nearly two years since I had the operation done and just realised that I never did compliment Dr Al-Ali for his expert skills. I had severe Phimosis and was not aware that this would involve a more complicated procedure I researched many Circumcision Clinics in London before deciding to contact Dr Al-Ali and I was very glad that I did. I had an appointment in a matter of days. Within a minute of arriving at his clinic, he and his assistant made me feel at ease and relaxed. After the almost painless initial injection, I was amazed to discover that the whole procedure was painless, and even more amazing, was to discover that it was also bloodless, due to a special technique that Dr Al-Ali uses. The procedure took about one hour, during which time I was now totally relaxed. Dr Al-Ali and his excellent assistant chatted throughout the operation. They answered all my questions, while also explaining what was happening at each stage of the procedure. Dr Al-Ali was excellent, very professional and friendly. He phoned me the following morning to answer a query and assure me that all was well. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone considering circumcision, especially adults. I was able to remove the initial bulky dressing after three days and apply the pads that Dr Al-Ali gave me. I had very little discomfort and the healing was was complete in just over a week. And there was no need for any follow up which was available if needed. The end result did wonders for my self esteem. So, belatedly, I want to thank very sincerely, Dr Al-Ali and his assistant for their professionalism, splendid service and attention.


Peter - 65 years

  Well, what a surprisingly painless procedure. I am not good with injections but
even the initial injection was much worse in the anticipation, that in reality.
After that, there was no pain whatsoever and even some hours later, when the
local anaesthetic had worn off, there was only mild discomfort which was easily
coped with by two paracetamol. Within sixteen hours there was not even the need
for that.
Dr. Al-Ali is an impressive individual who inspires confidence and makes the
whole procedure relaxed and routine. Compared with some other clinics his fees
are not the cheapest, but like most things in life, if you want the best you
have to pay for it and in Dr. Al-Ali's case, you get what you pay for and you will
not be disappointed. As a Plastic Surgeon he is an artist, his stitching is so
neat and precise that, even after only ten days it is apparent that there will
be little, if any scarring at all. His workmanship is superb and I cannot
praise his skill highly enough, he is outstandingly good.
If you are looking for circumcision, I have no hesitation in recommending
Dr. Al-Ali to you. You will not be disappointed

Brett Edwards (Yusuf Ali Rahim) - 18 years

I know its been over a year since i had it done but last year when I had the operation. I felt I was in good hands and at the time I felt relaxed when having it done. I would like to thank Dr Al-Ali and his assistant for a very good job done, as it healed in the time it was meant to. JazakumAllah khair. 


Ed Singapore 

  I was circumcised by Dr Al-Ali and would like to recommend him to anyone considering this procedure. I had expected to feel some pain during the operation and was surprised to find that it was completely painless! The healing process went well and I am now very happy with the overall result. Although I had a lot of questions about the procedure, Dr Al-Ali was very patient and answered all of them in detail. Thank you.


Robert Kilgour - 60 years

Having researched various practices I felt That Dr. Al-Ali offered a comprehensive service which was pain free using local anaesthetic. Plus the practice was local just a mile away! When I phoned I was surprised to be offered an appointment in just a few days. Dr Al-Ali is professional and assuring in his approach. The procedure was indeed pain free and I was relaxed throughout. There was minor discomfort post-surgery and again no pain and no bleeding! Highly recommended! 


Paul Gray - 25 years old

It has been a about six weeks since my circumcision. I was very nervous before I went to Dr. Al-Ali's clinic. His assistant Mohammed and Dr. Al-Ali were excellent. My fiance and I were made to feel very comfortable. I was so surprised to feel no pain at all. I know many people must be thinking that this is impossible but I can reassure you it was fine. In fact most of the time I was having the procedure, I was watching the cricket on the TV! I followed all the after care instructions that Dr. Al-Ali gave me and (Subhan Allah) I made a fast recovery. As I have a manual job I took a week off work, I was instructed by Dr.Al-Ali not to do any heavy lifting for a few days. I am so pleased with the results and I am so glad I went to Dr. Al-Ali's surgery. A special thank you to Mohammed (Dr.Al-Ali's assistant), he was a superb help.


59 year old

  I recently underwent circumcision. I researched several clinics before deciding on Dr Al-Ali’s clinic. I felt the information on his website demonstrated a personal, caring approach together with evidence that the procedure would be carried out by someone with considerable experience and qualification. It also stated that it would be pain free which is a bonus!

The consultation was extremely reassuring as it gave me the opportunity to view the premises, meet Dr Al-Ali and his colleagues and discuss the procedure. This gave me the confidence to go ahead a make a date.

I felt relaxed on the day and was able to read a book and watch some TV while the procedure was being carried out. It was a pain free experience and the initial injection felt no more than a scratch. There was no post operative pain but some minor discomfort, swelling and bruising but this was no more that you would expect after any surgical procedure. I was not alarmed by this because Dr Al-Ali had explained this at the consultation.

I am delighted with the result and would recommend Dr Al-Ali very highly. He and his assistant were extremely professional throughout.


Navjyot - aged 19 years old

I am 19 years old. Recently converted to a Muslim. I had my circumcision done last month at Dr Al-Ali's clinic. After 7 days, I took out the dressing and then realized that it went perfectly. Even during the surgery I felt no pain and the surgeon Dr Al-Ali is truly an artist in his field. I am so happy and completely satisfied with the result. I would recommend anyone and everyone who plans to get it done, to visit this clinic. Also a special thanks to the doctor's assistant for his help and moral support in my case. These guys are completely professional and simply outstanding. I can’t describe my feelings for them. I respect them for what they have done for me. Thank you sir.


Andrew - 22 years old

I went to Dr. Al-Ali following extensive internet research. I was very picky as I wanted the procedure for cosmetic reasons. I'm very glad I chose Dr Al-Ali as the procedure went very smoothly. I felt no pain during the procedure, and barely any over the next week or so. So far I have healed incredibly quickly and the result is very neat, tidy and symmetrical with very few stitch marks. Dr. Al-Ali seems to have the procedure down to a fine art, and would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone wanting or needing to get circumcised!

JL Roberts - aged 33 years old

  I was very nervous when I arrived at the clinic but Dr Al-Ali explained the procedure to me fully and quickly put me at ease.
The procedure itself was completely painless. Dr Al_ Ali and his assistant were extremely professional and I felt 100% confident that I was in good hands.
I had my circumcision yesterday afternoon and today I am feeling fine and am very pleased with the results.
My only regret is that I did not have this done earlier.

​Phimosis sufferer - 29 years old

  I'm quite squeamish and had put off having a circumcision due to phimosis (tight foreskin) for some time.

The operation itself was mainly pain-free, nothing to worry about, and I have healed very nicely.

Dr Al-Ali was excellent, professional and friendly. As far as i could tell he is very skilled at what he does, and i think it's worth visiting someone like him who specialises in circumcision.I haven't had the need to attend a follow up as everything seems fine.

Thanks to Dr Al-Ali and his assistant Mohammed, who was also great. 


David Saul - aged 24 years

I would like to thank Dr. Al-Ali and his assistant for the professional service that I received before, during and after I had my partial circumcision. The operation was pain-free and I am very happy with the results.


Mr A G - aged 27 years

My partner recently had a circumcision performed for a phimosis condition. Naturally, he was very nervous about the procedure and had put it off for ten years. However, when the decision was made to have a circumcision, Dr Al-Ali and his assistant were very professional at calmly answering all of our questions, and were phenomenal at making the whole process as comfortable as possible. My partner was much calmer by the end of the procedure, not only due to the affects of the anaesthetic, but also to the team who made the experience less daunting. It has been six weeks now, and my partner is very satisfied with the results, and has developed a new confidence. We would like to thank Dr Al-Ali and his assistant, not only for a great service, but for their professional attitude and the advice given before, during and after the procedure. Many thanks, and God bless.


Scott - aged 18 years

  I am very pleased with the result of the circumcision that doctor Al-Ali performed on me. His experience definitely shines through with the result. I would recommend him to anybody.


Julien Barb - aged 36

Due to a recent skin condition( Phymosis) I had decided a few months ago to go through with the operation. I must admit I was very reluctant at first to have a circumcision but after a bit of internet research, Dr Ali came across as the right man for the job. I went with my gut-feeling and also with my girlfriend's advice and encouragement and I'm very happy with my decision. Great results! It's been four months now and there's been no bleeding, no pain,no complications whatsoever! I'm very satisfied with the results, it actually excedeed my expectations, not to mention was reasonably priced.Thank God first of all, for saving me, my familly( especially mum)for their prayers and last but not least my girlfriend for being there for me! Many thanks and kind regards to Dr Al-Ali and his assistant.


John Ghandi - aged 35 years

After suffering with Phimosis (tight unretractable foreskin) for most of my life I plucked up the courage to have a circumcision for the benefit of my health & also my wife’s. I decided to go with Dr. Al-Ali particularly because of his vast experience in this surgical field. I was circumcised in April 2008 at the age of 35 yrs and my only regret is that I didn’t do it years earlier. Dr Al-Ali was very patient & comforting throughout. He explained the whole procedure thoroughly before starting and was happy to answer any questions I asked. The whole procedure took about 90 mins (most of which was stitching the wound) and the only slight prick I felt was the very first local pain-relief injection. From then on,the procedure was surprisingly comfortable and painless. Dr Al-Ali is a total professional at what he does and takes his time to produce perfect surgery. If,like me, you are an adult male who needs to be circumcised but have been put off by all the horror stories that go around, do not hesitate to book yourself an appointment with Dr Al-Ali immediately. A message to all parents of young boys too, I fully recommend Dr.Al-Ali to take care of your sons. Thanks to Dr.Al-Ali,I now feel healthier & cleaner than ever before. Special thanks also go out to Dr.Al-Ali’s assistant who was also brilliant throughout.


Bilal - aged 32 years

I am a Muslim who converted about 2 years ago but did not consider circumcision in fear of the pain involved, when I found out that Moses (from Quran and Bible) circumcised himself at 80 years old & learned of some of the medical benefits I change my mind. So I went looking on the internet for circumcision clinics I found 3 professional clinics in the London region that done children and adults, Dr Al-Ali (Plastic Surgeon) MBChB, FICMS, MRCS Ed being one of the three. The other two seemed more concerned with money than the customers (my opinion) one of the clinics was charging £25.00 for a meeting to talk about the circumcision which you have to do before the day of the circumcision is done then anther £25.00 for any other query’s, compared to Dr Ali were you can get in contact with him by phone/mobile or email at any time to enquire anything about the procedure.(the list goes on but I will stop there) So I booked a home visit, on the day the doctor phoned me to make sure I was ok and confirm the details of the day, be for he began he reassured me that everything would be painless and fast but I would feel a little pinch when the needle of the syringe used for numbing the area goes in and he was right other than the pinch I did not feel a thing. When I was a boy I had to go in to hospital a couple of times so I know how I’m suppose to be treated and Dr Al-Ali is 100% professional very confident and positive and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed before throughout and after the procedure. I was also giving a doctor’s note for work (I do a lot of heavy lifting) JAZAKALLAHU KHAYRAN (May Allah reward you for the good)


Richard Carpenter - aged 54 years

  I travelled to Dr. Al-Ali for my circumcision as a result of reading the feedback left by others on his website and after speaking to him via a phone call. I had a particularly embarrassing case of Phimosis which was causing me a great deal of anxiety and stress. The calm and relaxed manner in which Dr. Al-Ali explained every detail of the procedure to me reassured me that I had found someone who could help me. On the day of my procedure I was made to feel very comfortable by Dr. Al-Ali and his assistant Mohammed. The procedure took around an Hour and a half and was completely pain free Dr. Al-Ali put my comfort above all other considerations at every step of the procedure. To say I am happy with the result would be an understatement, I cannot thank Dr Al-Ali enough. If you need to be circumcised for whatever reason at all, please do not hesitate to consult Dr. Al-Ali you will not be disappointed. I sincerely wish I had found him several years ago. Richard C. 


Yahya- aged 20

  I must admit that before coming to the clinic, I was extremely nervous given the nature of the operation, however after being reassured by Dr. Al-Ali, and undergoing the operation itself, I found that the Operation was entirely painless, I would definitely recommend Dr. Al-Ali to anyone choosing circumcision, particularly adults. 


Stephen Mithell- aged 34 years 

  I would like to say that Dr Ali was very professional before,during and after the procedure. I will not hesitate to recommend him and his services to anyone.


I would like to thank Dr Al-Ali for a wonderful result in the circumcision that he performed on myself. I am completely happy with the expert way in which the process was performed and its result. I was considering having this done for a long time but could not find the right practice where I was comfortable having the procedure performed. Dr Al-Ali explained the procedure and made me feel completely comfortable about the process. I had the condition known as phimosis and a tight frenulum causing tightness and discomfort. This was discussed prior to the procedure and was successfully treated. I made enquiries about the service and mentioned that due to the nature of the work that I do, I have very little time. Dr Al-Ali took the time to see me for the procedure after his working day. It is this kind of attention to people and the expert manner and way that Dr Al-Ali and his assistant go about their work that shows the excellent standard of the practice. If you are considering having a circumcision performed I recommend Dr Al-Ali with no hesitation. A kind and friendly person and expert in his area of work. Thanks 

David Maskell - Aged 55

I would like to thank Mr Al-Ali for improving the circumcision I had done when I was 40 years of age. It took me 15 years to finally get in touch with a surgeon to have the circumcision tightened. Having just been through an operation to remove the prostrate I needed someone who was sympathetic to my situation and Dr Al-Ali was superb. He explained what he was going to do, asked various questions to ensure I knew what I was looking for and whether it was possible and really put me at my ease. The surgery itself was a little more complex as the previous surgery had left scarring but he was very careful in the procedures and ensured I was comfortable at all times. After an hour and a half the surgery was completed and I felt nothing during the whole time. Mr Al-Ali cannot be recommended highly enough as far as I am concerned and anyone requiring this procedure should contact him first. His charges are extremely fair, and may I say, a great deal more realistic that some of the plastic surgeons who offer the same service. Do, a big thank you to Mr Al-Ali and his assistant and my sincere regards to Mohammed his assistant. I have no reservations at all in recommended Mr Al-Ali to all people, whether a child or someone of a more senior age as myself.


Robert White - aged 23 years

  The overall procedure was very informative and professional which reflected Dr Al-Ali's many years experience. The operation itself was painless and quick. After the initial swelling subsided I was very pleased with how it looked and would recommend to anyone interested.

Mohammed Ayyub - aged 32

I had been worried about getting circumcised for a number of years fearing being cut or the wounds not healing around my penis, this is a very important part of my body after all. Anyway I was given Dr Al-Ali's telephone number by a good friend of mine and decided to call him. The Dr was very re-assuring and sounded very confident and positive, he allowed me to talk to him about circumcision for as long as I needed until I was ready to do it, but there was absolutely no pressure. After a month or so I called the doctor one afternoon after plucking up my courage only to find out that he was fully booked, I was upset about that because it was a now or never situation. Dr Al-Ali must have realised how keen I was to do it and decided to pay me a visit late that evening after he finished work, I was happy to see him and a little frightened at the same time. He arrived with 2 of his colleagues and began to re-assure me that everything would be painless and fast. He was right, the only tiny pain I felt was the needle of the syringe used for numbing the area when applying the local anaesthetic. The doctor continued to test the area by applying pressure to the area gently and gradually harder as I told him I didn't feel the pain, then he applied more local anaesthetic until I didn't feel anything at all. After that it was a matter of minutes before the foreskin was off. I saw the tool used to cut the foreskin remove the foreskin within seconds and I wasn't even bothered by it. It was as if it was meant to be done. I am not the bravest man in the world but this was not bad or frightening at all. I am also healing very nicely and there hasn't been a lot of pain, I used to ask people who had been circumcised about their experience and it sounded a lot more painful than mine. Dr Al-Ali is a friendly, patient and kind genius who definitely knows how to circumcise in the best possible manner. I highly recommend this man. The aftercare has been great and he has even offered to come and see me free of charge if I required, but there has been no need. If you want to be circumcised, call Dr Al-Ali and go for it.

Adult Circumcision Reviews


Adult patient - anonymous

I was circumcised by Dr. Al-Ali and his assistant in January this year and chose the clinic because it had an excellent reputation. I was very nervous but was soon relaxed once I got into the surgery.
The doctor explained that my circumcision would be slightly more complicated as I had an unusually long foreskin and short frenulum and that both would need to be removed and then the wound stitched. The anaesthetic injections were quite painful but soon my penis was numb and the procedure was started and lasted about an hour. I felt no pain during the procedure apart from the injections and was totally relaxed throughout. It was obvious that both Dr. Al-Ali and his assistant were highly experienced and efficient. When the circumcision was complete he informed me all had gone well and I would have a moderately tight and low result as I anticipated. 
The healing went very well and now after 4 months everything is perfect. I can honestly say that having my penis circumcised was the best thing I could have done and would not hesitate to recommend the surgery to any man who needs or wants it, there is nothing to fear.
For the first week/10 days after the procedure my penis was very sore but after that it has improved every day. I have a neat and almost invisible scar.

Sam - 36 years old  

I am a health professional who has, and continues to work with many health professionals from all over the world. I can confidently say Dr Al-Ali and his very efficient assistant are easily some of the best practitioners in the business. I underwent the circumcision yesterday, I have to admit I was anxious before the procedure. Dr Al-Ali and his assistant took time to explain the procedure answer all my questions and allay my anxiety. They told me it was going to be painless. He administered the local anaesthesia, and he asked me I could feel my penis, I couldn’t, all the sensation was gone. He started the procedure and it was totally painless, I even fell asleep at some point. The procedure was successful, I drove home thereafter. Even after the local anaesthesia had worn off, it was totally painless. As I write this comment, I am in day 1 after the operation, I am pain free, I will be going out to do some shopping in a minute. Dr Al-Ali and your very good assistant keep up the good.


You operated on me just over 4 months ago. I would just like to thank you for an excellent job. Your very clear and simple explanations, attention to detail and evident commitment were not only all correct, but very much appreciated. Thank you for a very professional 'operation'.


Giles, 32

Cannot recommend this place enough.  I was certainly concerned about having the procedure done as any guy my age would be.  The sheer clinical efficiency and professional standards of Dr Al-ali and his staff put me completely at ease.
Post procedure of course is no walk in the park, there is tenderness that one would expect with this sort of operation.  But the dressing and instructions from the team made this time so much easier.  I didn't miss a day of work thanks to this, nor did I feel I couldn't be active through the day (although I did miss football for a 4 weeks, but this was to be expected!)
All in all 5 months later there is no scaring and no worries, would 100% recommend this practice.

Roberto L

I underwent a re-circumcision at Dr. Al-Ali clinic on August 19th 2013. I have waited a few months before sending my feedback, just because I wanted to see how things were going to evolve. I am pleased with the overall result, and I'd like to thank him. I knew that this was a tricky one as my previous circumcision performed in Italy had been very disappointing non only in terms of cosmetic appearance but also functionality. I wish I'd learnt about Dr Al'-Ali before and decided to circumcise at his clinic instead, that would have saved me 3 years of anxiety and stress, and for sure my penis now would look even better. Dr. Al-Ali had told me that he could not guarantee a perfect cosmetic result as a consequence of first circumcision but promised me that things would definitely improve, removing some extra skin and tidying up the uneven scar left by my first surgery. At first I was a bit doubtful about removing the amount of skin that he thought should be removed, as I was obviously scared there wouldn't be enough skin left then and maybe I would be too tight. However, I trusted him in the end and I did the right thing. I realised very soon that he did an excellent job, and now my penis looks fine and work fine. Scar maybe isn't perfect but Dr Al-Ali could not do better, I'm sure about this. When I first met him for a consultation I had the immediate impression that he knows perfectly what is talking about, and I felt he was probably the only person I could trust, after meeting several other consultants and urologists who had never fully convinced me. Therefore, to anyone who is thinking of having a circumcision or re-circumcision I would definitely recommend this clinic.

Gary - 30 years

I booked the procedure and like anyone would be was very nervous. Dr Ali and his staff soon made me feel at ease. Everything was explained thoroughly and he made sure i was ready before he commenced.
The procedure itself is completely pain free and Dr Ali makes sure you cannot feel anything before starting.
The procedure took roughly 45mins and after i was ready to go home.
Its been almost 2 months since my surgery and everything has heeled up nicely just like Dr Ali said it would. During the first week you will feel pain in the morning due to obvious reasons but if needed you can take pain killers. After the first week i was fine. I want to commend Dr Ali for his safe,clean and professional service and if you need the procedure done i would highly recommend him. Thanks 

Mihails Mesilovs

I would like to say a real thank you for a successful and really professionally done operation. 
The healing process did not take a long time and it was all right.
I would like to recommend that clinic, doctor and his assistant to everybody who plans to do this operation.

Daniel - 35 years old


Dr Ali & his team have a truly professional approach, with clear explanation, making you feel very welcome & comfortable.

I was a little nervous as anyone would be, but it was soon clear to me I had made the right choice.

I experienced no pain at any time; the whole experience was just 75 minutes & I am delighted with the end result.

I would certainly recommend Dr Ali to anyone considering a circumcision or a related issue. 

P. Jackson - 44 years old

On the day of my Circumcision I was very nervous.In the reception room I was made to feel at ease by the professional and courteous members of staff there. I was directed to a seat, and asked to complete a short form. After a short waiting time the receptionist politely requested my payment. as I sat and waited- I observed how clean and hygienic the reception areas was and this was reassuring for me.

When it was time for my procedure Dr Ali's assistant came out and brought me into the room to meet Dr Al Ali. Dr Ali's assistant was very calm, reassuring and helpful.
Dr Ali explained to me what was going to happen and he asked me some questions, explaining that their would be no pain during the procedure. I was so nervous that I had to take a quick trip to the bathroom, upon my return Dr Ali continued to explain what he was going to do for me, he was very professional understanding and expressed a high level of experience and confidence in his manner and approach toward me. I started to feel considerably at ease as I prepared myself I reclined onto the operating seat. I was now feeling much more relaxed and after Dr Ali explained to me that I would feel a slight- discomfort at the administration of a local anaesthetic to my penis. I actually barely felt any discomfort at all- and during the circumcision procedure itself I felt completely comfortable and had no pain or ill effects.

When the circumcision was complete Dr Ali explained how I should keep the dressing on and told me what to expect during the next few hours,he also explained how to keep my Penis clean and so forth.

I could walk normally after my circumcision. Before leaving I was given a set of care instructions by the receptionist.

5 weeks later I am very pleased with the results.It is perfectly done,the skills of Dr Ali are amazing. I have a small scarline the procedure was pain-free and took place in a clean environment in the care of professionals.

I actually scheduled to have the procedure elsewhere and had changed my my mind at short notice, in preference to Dr Ali's practice.(I am so glad I did!)

I would recommend this clinic to anyone who is considering having a circumcision done.

Thank you very much to Dr Ali and his Team.

(May Allah reward and bless you all.)

Robert - 62 years old

There are not many people who have been circumcised twice.  Please don’t make the mistake I made in selecting a clinic.  Two months ago I decided to go to a Harley Street clinic as I wanted the best.  With hindsight I now realise that there was no nameplate on the door and it was a surgery rented by the hour.  After the circumcision I had severe bruising to my testicles and along the entire length of my penis that lasted for a week.  I had a circular swelling right round the penis, which I later learnt to be oedema.  The frenulum snaked up to the scar line where there was a deep indentation looking something like a sharks mouth.  It took a good few weeks for me to realise that there was something very wrong with the Harley Street operation and that it was not going to get better over time.  I knew there was no point in going back to Harley Street, as any remedial action would likely be as bad as the initial operation.

After some further research on the Internet I came across CIL.  The website has some great information including a named doctor with qualifications that you can view.  They have premises with a nameplate over the door.  They have a real landline telephone number. They are an organization that is tangible.

The second operation went like a dream.  Dr Ali-Ali recommended that the frenulum be removed because it was twisted and that the cut be a lot lower because of the oedema.  There was no pain involved, no bruising and the stitching is so good that after only two weeks the skin is now smooth across the scar line.   The quality of the work was excellent.

Because of my initial flawed choice of a Harley Street clinic, I didn’t end up with the style of circumcision that I had originally wanted.  That is the consequence of a bad choice.  I do so wish that I had chosen CIL in the first place.

William - 60 years old

About 2009 I began to get trouble with a phimosis. It did not however cause any gigantic problems and after consulting my GP about it (who advised me that the only complete cure would be circumcision) I put the problem on the back burner of my life until I had acquired sufficient information to make a well informed decision about the way forward.

The problem developed into paraphimoses in April 2012 which made circumcision not only inevitable but an urgent requirement! I had been researching circumcision and its history for some months which also led me to read a great deal of argument from the anti circumcision brigade. Although I could see their point about mutilating babies without their consent, I could not for the life of me understand why they were so against grown men making that choice for themselves for whatever reasons. After having had the operation myself I am even more mystified as to their hostility towards it unless this movement is mostly made up of people who have had botched operations which have given them genuine grief in their lives.

I am sixty years old, Anglo/Saxon, Christian, father of two small children, a boy 1 year and a daughter 4 years. My wife is 23 years old and does not rule out having more children so it is important that things in that particular department are in good working order. I am from the far south west of England which is an area where circumcision is uncommon amongst the indigenous population. Indeed, I was told by my mother that shortly after my birth when the subject was mentioned by her then obstetrician she had no idea what he was talking about and upon being informed as to what it was, dismissed the idea of having her new little baby’s penis mutilated totally out of hand! My wife is from South America and although she is descended from European immigrants who moved there a couple of hundred years ago she had also never heard of this practice and became quite alarmed upon having it described to her.

This being the case I dismissed the idea of having the operation done locally by the National Health Service by a surgeon inexperienced with the procedure and to whom it would be just another job, botched or otherwise. I therefore turned my attention to cultures which have been carrying out this practice for many hundreds of years; after all, if you want a good job done we all know there is no substitute for experience. It seemed to boil down to three London clinics which specialised in providing the service mostly for Moslems who have the procedure carried out on virtually all male children at some stage during their young lives. These were the places it appeared, that held a wealth of experience, skill and knowledge on the subject so I endeavoured to research all three as thoroughly as I could with a view to appointing the one that appeared to be the best to carry out the necessary procedure for me. Frankly, it was a bit of a “no contest”; Dr Al-Ali provided the much needed detailed information on his website in its entirety so I contacted the clinic and made an appointment for the 12th July 2012.

I travelled up to London from Devon by train for an appointment in the middle of the day which gave me plenty of time to travel back without arriving home too late at night, It was indeed a pleasure to meet the doctor and his charming assistant in his well equipped and modern surgery in north London and after a short wait I was ushered in for my consultation. Doctor Al-Ali gave the offending appendage a thorough examination and came to the conclusion that it was indeed in a shocking state and required immediate surgical attention. He was adamant that there would be no pain during or after the procedure. At the time I thought this to be quite an extravagant claim considering the sensitivity of the area he was going to operate on and the radical nature of the surgery.

I felt a tiny scratch as the Doctor administered the local anaesthetic to my groin which was the only minimal discomfort I felt for the entire operation. After working through the procedure for some time the full nature of the damage that the paraphimoses had wreaked became apparent and the doctor gently and sympathetically informed me that there was so much damage that he had to advise me that in his opinion not only my scarred and damaged foreskin needed to be removed but my fraenulum also had to go; to my mind this was radical surgery indeed! As a result of my research I had complete faith in Doctor Al-Ali and his vast experience and professionalism so it was a no brainer to accept that much more work needed to be done and that there would of course be an extra cost because there would be a great deal more detailed surgery required than we could have anticipated.

After the procedure Doctor Al-Ali explained in great detail what he had done and how in his opinion the healing process would progress. He was very clear about what I had to do and what I must not do to assist the healing process, instructions I carried out to the letter.  He had bandaged the wound in such a way that it was very comfortable and would enable me to go about my daily life with the minimum of fuss. Imagine my surprise 36 hours later when this bandage fell off because the swelling had gone down so incredibly quickly! No matter, the doctor had given me explicit instructions as to what to do in just such an eventuality so it was no big drama.

To say that I was pleased with the result would be a gross understatement; it has boosted the quality of my life considerably and added immeasurable happiness to my married life. When my son is old enough I shall discuss with him the pros and cons of circumcision and make my recommendations to him based on my very happy experience so that he will have a very sound criterion by which to make his decision to be circumcised or not

The Doctor was as good as his word to me about not feeling any pain at any stage which has been a big surprise but a man with such consummate skill, professionalism and experience is very hard to find these days. May Allah bless him and his family for the great good that he does.

Marco - 44 years old

Dr Al-Ali clinic is very very clean and very comfortable. I have been circumcised one year ago and I didn't have not problems at all. Dr Al-Ali is very high skilled and Ali did to me very very excellent job and I was very happy that I have done it in that clinic. Completely pain free and very quick healing. I would recommend Dr Ali to every body.


Paul Davey - 56 years old

First, briefly the reason why: Unlike my 5 brothers who were all circumcised shortly as infants, for some reason I was left intact, despite our mother being a trained nurse and a history of phimosis known to be common in our family. At my own request, after years of putting up with the usual problems of a tight, restrictive foreskin,  I was finally circumcised under the NHS in my late teens. It was then a very painful experience, but I accepted it had to be done and was grateful for the help. I’m sure they did their best.   That said, I was never happy with the result, my circumcision scar was noticeably uneven, and only extended about half-way down my glans when flaccid, or even partially erect. I still had some discomfort and pinching pressure when my penis naturally retracted into my body, such as when sitting for long periods of time, as in a theatre, or a long car journey, but to be fair this was generally mild, and in the end I just got used to it.   A few months ago, having met the lady who was to become my wife, she made it clear at the start that for health reasons, she only ever had sexual relationships with circumcised men, and although she accepted that I had indeed been circumcised, she found the condition of my penis off-putting and she asked me to have a fuller, proper circumcision done at some stage soon after our marriage. I had never heard of recircumcision before but I agreed. We researched this subject on the internet, and this fiinally led us to Dr Al-Ali.   The service, from the first phone call to completion was brilliant. I could have had it done some 3 days after my initial e-mail, but I had to settle for a week due to my work requirements. Upon arrival, I was presented with a consent form by the receptionist, a charming lady. I filled out the simple form, paid as politely requested, and very shortly met Dr. Al-Ali, and his assistant, Mohammed, who led me to the operating room and explained the whole process carefully and completely.    I stripped as requested and was given a very thorough examination. With the aid if a marker pen, he drew lines around the site as he detailed exactly what he intended to do. This would involve removing some of the remaining inner and outer foreskin to correct the unevenness, and then stitching the cut edges together to create a new  scar line, which would then be beveled and relocated at the rear of my glans, giving my penis a much more orthodox-looking circumcision. I was then asked to lie on my back on the very comfortable operating table, and then he began by giving me the local anesthetic. He talked the whole time, constantly telling me what he was about to do, and reassuring me at every stage. He warned me that I would feel a slight scratch each time an injection was given [I think there was a total of three] but because there was virtually no pain I’m not even sure! After a few minutes, he gently tested the area to make certain the numbing agent had worked, and reiterated to me that he would not proceed until he was certain there would be no pain. He told me that he could easily give me further anesthetic if needed. This was not necessary in my case, the whole area was completely numb.   He and Mohammed began working away, chatting to me, and it suddenly occurred to me how relaxed I felt, far more so than I would have believed under the circumstances! Never at any stage did I feel the slightest pain, and we chatted about our working lives. Eventually I was told that my re-circumcision was completed and I was ready for the dressing. I was told the operation took much longer than a regular circumcision because extra stitching was needed as the foreskin had already been partially removed. It really didn’t seem like a long time at all, and the time had passed very pleasantly. The dressing was applied and again there was absolutely no pain. I was given exact instructions as to what to do on a printed, laminated sheet, and was told that the anesthetic would wear off in about 3 hours. I should then take paracetamol and perhaps switch to a stronger pain-killer if needed. Also. I could contact them during working hours anytime in the coming weeks.   I left the surgery about  2PM, having arrived at midday. The journey back to South London took about 2 hours, not at all bad. I took the pain-killers about an hour later, about 5PM, as instructed. I changed into a tee shirt and light weight jogging bottoms, but kept 2 pairs of underpants on, again as instructed. My wife arrived home about 7pm as usual, and immediately asked for a visual inspection! At this point I noticed that the dressing had come off. Dr. Al-Ali had warned me that in my own case, this would probably happen as my penis retracts into my body rather more than most, a condition known as “hidden” or “buried” penis. However, when I stand up, my penis comes back out by itself, so it never been a real problem. I should perhaps research this a bit more, but then again, the saying “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” comes to mind. I could tell by her expression that she was delighted with the result, then she said that this was exactly how she had imagined how it would look, and I showed her how to replace the dressing, which she did extremely well. We spent a very quiet evening together, she called her parents to tell them the news. As always, they were happy to hear their daughter’s excited voice. “Like a dog with a new bone” I heard her father laughing. They are great people, really.   I had strip-down wash at about 10PM, she changed the dressing again and we went to bed. Still no sign of any pain at all, so I took a chance and kept off the pain-killers. I remember from my first circumcision that I was in severe pain at this stage, and couldn’t even sit down. I had to spend 2 days in bed, it was so difficult to move about due to the swelling and bruising. How time changes things! I went back to work as usual the following day, and was still completely pain-free. I got into the routine of changing the dressing after urinating, as it was difficult to stop some urine seeping onto it, especially underneath at the frenulum, making it damp. After day 3, I had my first salt bath, what a pleasure that was. I had dispensed with dressings after day 2, as instructed, and the stitch line was now clearly visible. A beautifully neat job it was. The new scar line was neat, even and sat perfectly naturally and comfortably just below the rim of my glans, exactly as dr.Al-Ali had said. The old feelings of tightness or pressure on the glans from the excess skin were completely absent. The tenderness had all but gone. The only sign of the operation was the stitches, and a very thin, hard-to the touch, almost invisible yellow crust that had formed along the scar line, as the leaflet had predicted. this was the body doing the healing process.   Time passed, my pubic hair began to grow back and the stitches began to gradually dissolve. The feeling of my glans rubbing against the material of my underpants felt strange at first, but I quickly got used to it, as I suppose all newly circumcised men must! I know that sometimes, such as when sitting forward, the shaft skin does creep forward and partially cover the glans, causing a slight pressure, but nowhere near to the same extent that it used to, and it feels much, much more natural. Sometimes I had the usual nightly erections, the pulling on the stitches causing me to awaken, this was the only pain source, and it really wasn’t that bad. I just gently compressed my glans with my index finger and thumb, as Dr.Al-Ali had shown me. After about 3 weeks, we resumed our love life, very carefully and gently, and it was fine, more enjoyable than ever. My wife is so much more relaxed now she knows the operation is over, we got exactly the result we imagined and was a real success.  There really is no down side.   I will conclude with a big thank you from my wife and I to Dr.Al-Ali, Mohammed and the rest of his staff for the job they did for us. The whole experience was professional, friendly and very efficient. This has brought my wife and closer together, she was right all along [as usual.]

Stuart - 32 years old

I would just like to say thank you, thank you, thank you.

I had no medical reason to have a circumcision it was purely for hygiene and cosmetic reasons. I was understandably nervous on the day of the operation (28-1-12 @ 10am) I was asked to fill out a medical details form while waiting in reception, I did think to myself "what am I doing here???". However when I was asked to come through to the operating area by Dr Al-Ali's assistant (who was very sweet, calm and understanding) I was soon put at ease by Dr Al-Ali.

He gave me a detailed description of what was doing to happen, he asked me if I had any problems with my foreskin currently, and how I wanted it to look after it was done.

When the first injection was given I did feel a very small amount of discomfort, a bit like a paper cut. Then after a few seconds that was it I didn't feel any more that includes the operation itself as well.

Once I was numb Dr Al-Ali tested the area several times, he then marked up the area, made sure I was happy with what he was going to remove...... And then started.

Towards the end on the operation Dr Al-Ali started to advise me of what to do / not do over the next few weeks. There was so much care taken throughout the operation I would score it 10 / 10. Even the bandage that was put on had a little stitch put in it to keep it tight around the glands so it would help to keep it on as long as possible. Upon leaving the clinic I was give an laminated copy of the 'looking after instructions' that Dr Al-Ali had spoken about during the operation.

I was able to drive home after with no trouble at all. I was a little nervous of how it was going to feel once the injection wore off. However 29hrs later still no pain at all. 

I was made to feel so relaxed that I even played a game on my iPad during the operation.   

Highly recommend, there is no reason to put off you circumcision weather its for medical or personal choice. Thank you again


S D - 48 years old

After a rather bad circumcision on the NHS some ten years ago, undertaken due to medical reasons, I decided to seek a private consultation and possible corrective surgery. After a thorough internet search and some deliberation I decided to opt for Dr Al-Ali’s clinic. During my initial consultation what became apparent is that Dr Al-Ali knows his subject very well having many years experience. I decided to go ahead with the operation. I had some initial concern about a local anesthetic, as I had been under general for my NHS operation. However my fears were unfounded. Apart from a small discomfort when the local anesthetic was administered, the procedure was completely pain-free. Dr Al-Ali and his assistant were very considerate during the procedure, regularly checking with me for any signs of discomfit. The whole procedure took just over the hour and I experienced no problems. The complete healing process has taken about 5 weeks, and I am absolutely delighted with the results. Most of the swelling had gone within the first two weeks and there was little trouble apart from the night time erections in the first week when I found the bandaging somewhat restrictive but deemed necessary. I would like to thank Dr Al-Ali and his team very much indeed, I feel I now have the result I should have had years ago.


Tim Sargent - 48 years old

I am absolutely delighted with the results so far, although I am still healing.. I had been considering circumcision for some time and I am very glad I went ahead

I had a morning appointment, Dr Al Ali explained me the procedure. He gave me the local anetheastic, which I had read can create a burning sensation, have to say I did not feel a thing (just a twinge from the needle like at the dentist). 

He recommended that I had my frenulum removed as well, as in my case it would greatly improve the cosmetic appearance, which I agreed too

He then tested I was numb, and it turns out I am resistant to anethestic, so more was needed, He was really careful, and tested me several times to make absolutely sure I could not feel a thing before he started to circumcise me. Hard to say how long it took, but I guess about 30 mins. During the procedure he told me he was giving me a normal low cut circumcision, which would be best for me

I got a comprehensive briefing on after care, (which I did follow), I expected to for it to hurt that day, but actually it didn’t and did not bother to take any parcetemol beyond the first dose at the clinic. I did feel a faint background burning sensation for some days, and I could feel some tightness round the stitches. About 2 weeks in started to feel close to normal, as of today the area is tender but that is reducing by the day. I suspect my healing is a little longer than usual as I had my frenulum removed as well.

On the whole it the experience was relaxed, and the surgery (while I am not a surgeon), looked incredibly neat and precise. These guys really know their stuff. As some feedback they need to get their scheduling a little better, as I had to wait over an hour past my appointment time, before I went in.


Russell - 39 years old

Its been 5 months now since my procedure took place at Dr Al-Ali's clinic. I had phimosis and a short frenulum. The operation itself went very smoothly though I must admit I had no desire to watch the operation being quite nervous at the time. I had no reason to be, I was in the hands of an absolute expert.
After the operation I was able to drive home. However in my opinion I think its best to take 1 week off work if possible as its not painful, just uncomfortable.
I started healing quite quickly after 8-9 days and had no problems at all with sex when I started again after 6 weeks. Now its been 5 months and I have to say it feels great, much cleaner than before and sex feels so much better. I am so pleased I made my decision, I would advise anyone considering, do it sooner rather than later, no regrets for me.
Thank you! Dr Al-Ali and your Assistant.

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