Terms and Conditions

Follow ups

We are responsible for the circumcision up until healing (usually within the first 2 weeks). Within this period, follow ups are free of charge and will be in the clinic only, Please note that we are not responsible after complete healing has occurred and are unable to offer free follow up appointments. All follow ups must be booked in advance as we cannot accept walk ins. In the rare event of an emergency and we are unavailable, please visit your local GP or Accident and Emergency (A&E) department.


Please read carefully the extra prices that may apply. These prices are all for the clinic.

  • Phimosis, Paraphimosis, Lax skin, Excessive foreskin, Buried penis or Large penis  will add an extra £200 on to the adult circumcision price.

  • Removal of the frenulum will add an extra £200 to an adult circumcision price if done at the same time of the circumcision or £400 if done in a separate appointment.

  • Re-circumcision prices may vary - please contact us for a quote.

  • Babies/ children below 3 years requiring the use of the Forceps guided (traditional) method will cost an extra £50 on top of the above prices for their age bracket.

  • Please note that the prices shown are for guidance only. Prices may vary according to extra time taken due to some conditions, size of individual or lack of cooperation etc. If any of these apply, please contact us for further details about pricing.

  • Example to the prices above. If a patient is 6 months at the time of circumcision, the price will be £180 instead of £150 as they fall into the bracket of 6months- 1 year.

  • If you are unsure about any of the prices, please contact us for further details.

*Consultations are free when the procedure is carried out in the same appointment. If a consultation is requested in a separate appointment from the circumcision, then the consultation fee is £100. We will also charge this £100 if the patient or parents are uncooperative or the patient has a condition which prevents us from carrying out the circumcision e.g. hypospadias or medical conditions.