Circumcision Training Course for Doctors

Learn everything you need to know to start offering male circumcision to your patients

Circumcision Training for Doctors

We provide a circumcision course to train doctors who are looking to start providing circumcision to their patients. You will learn how to perform the Plastibell and Forceps guided methods for all ages, from infants to adults. We will also teach you the free hand method for re-circumcisions. 


The circumcision course is run over 5 days and this includes theory training as well as observing live surgeries. The doctors will explain every step of the circumcision including how and why they are done in a certain way. 


We aim to make sure our delegates have learnt from the best and are able to perform circumcision safely and competently. The course is run on a one to one basis, so that delegates can ask as many questions as they need and have the full attention of the doctors. 

What we teach on the Circumcision course?

The circumcision course covers all there is to know to be able to open up your own circumcision clinic and be confident in providing a safe and caring service. 
Topics covered will include:

  • Anatomy

  • Indications for circumcision

  • Contra-indications for circumcision

  • Plastibell (ring) method 

    • Instruments needed

    • How to use the device

    • How to deal with aftercare

    • How to deal with complications

  • Forceps guided (traditional) method

    • Instruments needed

    • How to perform the circumcision

    • Suturing

    • How to deal with aftercare

    • How to deal with complications

  • Therapeutic circumcision

    • How to deal with phimosis etc and how to prevent re-occurrence

  • Frenulectomy

  • Different styles of circumcision

    • Normal

    • High and Tight

    • High and Loose

    • Low and Tight

    • Low and Loose

  • Re-circumcisions

  • Buried penis

  • How to set up your practice

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