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Buried penis

This is when the penis is buried/ hidden inside the pubic area. The head of the penis will be either partially or fully hidden. The patient may already have this from the beginning and what you may think is the full length of the penis is actually only the foreskin, so once the foreskin is removed, you don’t see much of the length of the penis. The patient may also develop a buried penis if they put on weight, causing the pubic area to become higher than the length of the penis. The circumcision itself is not the cause of buried penis, as it is related to the height of the pubic area relative to the length of the penis. You must press down as we show you to fully expose the head of the penis and circumcision line on a daily basis to make sure the penis is always clean and dry. You must do this as long as the penis is buried. Buried penis will only improve if the patient loses weight and the pubic area flattens or the penis grows in length. There is no specific timeline and will vary from person to person but can take several years.

Below is an example of the same patient showing how to expose the penis to clean and dry.

What is Buried Penis?

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