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Children and Teenagers Circumcision

​Circumcision can be an anxious time, both for the patient as well as the parents. Here at Circumcision in London, we take out the worry as you can be sure that your son will receive the best possible care.
We perform circumcision under local anaesthetic, so that your son will not feel any pain during the circumcision.
When you come in to the clinic, there will be a consultation where we will explain what we are going to do step by step and answer any questions you may have. When you are comfortable, we begin by giving your son local anaesthetic. We wait a few minutes for the anaesthetic to work and then test him before starting the circumcision, showing you exactly how he does not feel any pain. It is only once you say that you are happy that your son does not feel any pain, we begin the circumcision. Once we finish, you will be able to put on his underwear and his trousers and take him back home normally. You will also have our aftercare instructions to take home which explains to you everything you need to know on how to care for your son.

Read our clinic reviews

We pride ourselves on being the best circumcision clinic in the UK. We have performed thousands of successful circumcisions and you can read what our happy patients and parents have to say about our circumcision clinic. You can read reviews sent to our feedback email which we add to our website. You can view these by clicking on Reviews or you can visit our Google page where patients and parents can automatically submit their reviews and you can view these by clicking here.

Forceps Guided Circumcision Method

This procedure is usually used for older children and adults. After application of local anaesthetic, the foreskin is pulled in front of the head of the penis (glans). Special forceps is applied just in front of the head of the penis (glans) and the foreskin is removed using thermal cautery, guided by the smooth surface of the special forceps. This will give a clean and tidy cut. Using thermal cautery means there is minimal bleeding and your son may sometimes not require any sutures.

Which circumcision method is best?

The most common methods of circumcision are the Forceps Guided (traditional) method and Plastibell (ring) method. For older boys and adults, we use the Forceps Guided method as this is usually the best method for these ages. The Plastibell rings come in a variety of sizes, but even the largest size may not fit for older boys. The Plastibell method is designed for babies and toddlers. If used for older children, your son may complain before the ring comes off as we expect more swelling with the older ages as they are more active physically. There is no set age where we use one method over the other as all patients are different and we will decide on which method is best after examining your son.

Circumcision aftercare

The aftercare we give our patients is very comprehensive, yet simple. Once we finish the circumcision, we will show you how to apply your son's underwear which can be placed immediately.
The aftercare sheet will also explain how to wash your son and what to expect over the coming days. There are simple instructions to follow and we are always available for contact if you have any further questions or concerns. We can be reached via phone, email or in person with our free follow ups.

​Preparation for Circumcision

The circumcision will be carried out under local anaesthetic and preparation is very minimal. You will be required to bring the following with you:

  • Clean underwear - preferably tight briefs
  • Your son's red book (if your son has any medical problem, please inform us before your appointment as we sometimes may need letters from his doctor)

Do you tidy up previous circumcisions (re-circumcision)?

Yes we do. In fact we have many parents who bring their son from all over the UK and even outside of the UK asking us to tidy up previous circumcisions they have had elsewhere and they are not happy with it. This varies from scar revisions to tightening up loose circumcisions etc. Please contact us for a quote, You may need to come for a consultation first to discuss your exact requirements and for us to examine your son's existing circumcision.

Is circumcision painful?

No, as we give local anesthetic to all patients. Local anesthetic is safe for all ages and it is illegal to circumcise without it. Most older boys are completely quiet during the entire circumcision.
In all circumstances, we test the patient before starting the circumcision and show the parents how they do not feel any pain.
We advise not to give too much information to the child as this could scare the patient and make them nervous from the outset. If this is the case, they may become uncooperative or cry even when they do not feel pain.
The local anesthetic will take away the pain sensation but maintain normal touch sensation which is painless. If the child is nervous, they will anticipate normal touch as painful touch even though it is painless.

How do you give the local anesthetic?

The circumcision is carried out under local anesthetic. Your son will be awake but the penis will be numb and he will not feel pain. The local anesthetic is given using a very fine needle, to minimize the discomfort. This is given at the base of the penis and the local anesthetic usually works within 1 minute. We do not use any numbing creams such as EMLA cream as this is contra-indicated around the genitals according to the manufacturers instructions. We find that a lot of times, we only need one injection point and there is no reaction from the patient from the insertion of the needle. The discomfort is due to the solution that has a stinging sensation initially for a few seconds, but then becomes numb very quickly. Numbing creams will have no effect on this stinging sensation.