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The best way to treat tight foreskin

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Many men suffer with some form of tightness in the foreskin. This can be tightness that makes it difficult to retract the foreskin (phimosis) or tightness that makes it difficult to return the foreskin to its original position after the foreskin has been pulled back (paraphimosis). Once this starts, it becomes a viscious cycle as the tightness makes it difficult to maintain good hygiene which then causes infections and an inflammatory process to ensue. This causes scarring which makes the condition and tightness worse. Some men suffer with this for many years, often experiencing pain and sometimes tearing during sex which can cause profuse bleeding. Again, this would then heal with scarring and making the problem even worse.

phimosis tight foreskin
Phimosis means a tight foreskin making it difficult to retract

The solution

The culprit is the diseased inner skin which is the pink or lighter coloured skin that you see when the foreskin is pulled back. This will often have a narrowing band that causes the tightness. Many men try creams etc to soften the skin and the narrowing but from our experience, this does not solve the problem, it may only mask the symptoms temporarily. The real permeant solution from our years of experience is to have a circumcision. However, a normal circumcision will not treat the problem, it will only cause the tight band to move lower down towards the shaft. What is needed is a low type of circumcision. The term low refers to the length of the inner skin which is the diseased skin. This needs to be as low as possible with the removal of the tight band to effectively treat the phimosis or paraphimosis.


We treat many males, children as well as adults who have phimosis or paraphimosis. Whilst this type of therapeutic circumcisions are available on the NHS, the waiting list is very length, in which time, the problem is getting worse. We often get males coming to our clinic as they have been recommended to us as we are the experts in treating phimosis and paraphimosis. The majority of adult circumcisions are performed for this reason. We have vast experience and are experts in treating phimosis or paraphimosis once and for all. Contact us for more details and for bookings.

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