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Below we have compiled general information and FAQs about adult circumcision. If you still have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Adult Circumcision Reviews

Read what adult patients have said about their circumcision experience. We have compiled a long list of reviews left by our adult patients to help you understand what to expect.

Circumcision Diary

One of our adult patients has kindly created a circumcision diary to help other adult patients understand what to expect in more detail after the circumcision.

Adult Circumcision

We provide a comprehensive circumcision for adults to meet all needs, from first time circumcision to adults looking to rectify a previous circumcision. The circumcision is carried out under local anaesthetic which means you will be comfortable and pain free throughout the circumcision. We do not start the circumcision unless we have tested the penis to ensure the circumcision is completely pain free. Throughout the circumcision, you will be able awake and can speak to the doctor, watch TV or listen to music.The aftercare is very comprehensive, yet simple. We will explain the aftercare instructions to you and give you all the information in writing. Should you have any further questions, you will be able to contact us via phone, email or attend for free follow up appointments.

Check out our 5 star reviews

We pride ourselves on being the best circumcision clinic in the UK. We have performed thousands of successful circumcisions and you can read what our happy patients and parents have to say about our circumcision clinic. You can read reviews posted on Google, Trustpilot and by clicking on the links below.

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What to expect during the circumcision?

Forceps Guided Circumcision Method

This method is the best for adults. After application of local anaesthetic, the foreskin is pulled in front of the head of the penis (glans). Special forceps is applied just in front of the head of the penis (glans) and the foreskin is removed using thermal cautery, guided by the smooth surface of the special forceps. This will give a clean and tidy cut. Using thermal cautery means there is minimal bleeding. The wound may need to be closed with some stitches or skin glue or a combination of both.

Phimosis (tight foreskin)

We treat many patients who present with a medical need for circumcision. The most common of these is phimosis which is difficulty in retracting the foreskin. It is best to treat phimosis early on rather than delaying treatment as it does get worse with time. This is because the patient is unable to maintain proper hygiene of the penis which leads to infections that later causes scarring and this leads to further tightness. The NHS does provide male circumcision for patients with a medical need but from our experience, the waiting list is over 1 year as told by our patients. In mild cases, steroid creams may be prescribed but it does not tackle the root cause which is the tight inner skin (lighter coloured skin). This is why the surgeon must fully recognise the phimosis and treat the tightness rather than just do a normal circumcision as you may end up with a tight ring behind the glans (head of the penis). 

Do you do the Shang Ring Circumcision method

We prefer to use the Forceps guided method for adult circumcision instead of the Shang Ring. The forceps guided method will provide more flexibility and greater control in how much foreskin is to be removed. With the Shang Ring, you need to wait for the foreskin to die and this can bring about a bad smell in babies, so this could be even worse in adults causing embarrassment socially.

How do you give the local anaesthetic?

The circumcision is carried out under local anesthetic. You will be awake during the circumcision but the penis will be numb and you will not feel any pain. The local anesthetic is administered using a very fine needle, to minimize the discomfort. This is given at the base of the penis and the local anesthetic usually works within a few minutes. We do not use any numbing creams such as EMLA cream as this is contra-indicated around the genitals according to the manufacturers instructions. Most of the reported discomfort is due to the solution that has a stinging sensation initially for a few seconds before making the area numb very quickly. Numbing creams will have no effect on this stinging sensation and adults usually tolerate the local anesthetic very well without the need for any numbing creams.

Is the circumcision painful?

No, as we give local anesthetic to all patients. Local anesthetic is safe for all ages and it is illegal to circumcise without it. We do not start the circumcision unless we have tested you and you tell the doctor that you do not feel any pain. The local anesthetic will take away the pain sensation but maintain normal touch sensation which is painless.

Video Testimonials

Do you use stitches or glue?

We use dissolvable stitches after the circumcision which means that you do not need to worry about coming back for removal of stitches, We may use skin glue but this maybe alongside stitches as well. 

Do you tidy up previous circumcisions (re-circumcision)?

Yes we do. In fact we have many patients who come from all over the UK and even outside of the UK asking us to tidy up previous circumcisions they have had elsewhere and they are not happy with it. This varies from scar revisions to tightening up loose circumcisions etc. Please contact us for a quote, You may need to come for a consultation first to discuss your exact requirements and examine your existing circumcision.

Do I need time off work after the circumcision?

Not necessarily. If you do office based work, you do not need any time off. We will show you how to protect the penis and wear your clothes normally. You will also be able to walk and sit normally and do most day to day activities normally. We only recommend no physical activity for the first 2 weeks, So if your job involves heavy lifting or strenuous activity, we can provide you with a letter for your workplace to understand your need for time off.

Preparation for circumcision

The circumcision will be carried out under local anaesthetic and preparation is very minimal. You will be required to bring the following with you:

  • Tight fitting underwear such as briefs

  • Shave clean the pubic hair

  • Buy Vaseline tub 

  • Bring your ID

Circumcision aftercare

The aftercare we give our patients is very comprehensive, yet simple. Once we finish the circumcision, we will show you how to apply your underwear which can be placed immediately. The aftercare sheet will also explain what to expect over the coming days. There are simple instructions to follow and we are always available for contact if you have any further questions or concerns. We can be reached via phone, email or in person with our free follow ups.

Forceps guided (traditional) method aftercare instructions video

How to wear underwear after the circumcision?

Online Circumcision Booking

You can book a circumcision easily using our online booking service below. Please read the message below and follow the on screen instructions to complete your booking. Alternatively, you can call us on 02089513794 to book over the phone.

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