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Welcome to our Circumcision clinic in London, offering you professional circumcision services for male baby/ infant,  children and adults. Our circumcision practitioners have carried out thousands of successful circumcision for all ages. All circumcision are carried out under local anaesthetic to make sure that the circumcision is pain-free throughout. We also give a comprehensive aftercare service to make sure the patients and parents know exactly what to do to make the healing process as comfortable as possible.

  • Over 250+ (5 star) reviews on Google - read our clinic reviews

  • Patient can wear all clothes

  • Patient can walk normally immediately

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We are open during the Covid-19 pandemic and are following government guidelines to keep our patients and staff safe. Please call us to find out more.

Male Circumcision Clinic in London

Male circumcision is the removal of the foreskin that covers the glans (head of the penis). Muslims and Jewish people do circumcisions as part of their religious requirements. Our Muslim practitioners carry out the procedure according to the Sunnah, but we routinely cater for all faiths and backgrounds. This is widely practiced in parts of Africa and is fairly common is the USA, Canada and Australia.


We recommend babies to get circumcised at an early age in a dedicated clinic, rather than in the home as it is more hygienic. We also recommend that you check the clinic is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as this is a legal requirement to make sure that National UK standards are met.


Boys of school ages often come during the school holidays which get booked up very quickly, so it is important to book your son’s circumcision in advance. We can often talk to the patient to make them relaxed and they are often very cooperative.


Adult men often get circumcised when they have a foreskin problem such as phimosis or paraphimosis and we are experts in dealing with these therapeutic circumcisions. We have written a blog about the treatment of phimosis and paraphimosis which you can see in our Blog page.

How to find the best circumcision clinic near you in London?

When looking for the best circumcision clinic in London, it is important to pick a reputable dedicated clinic with great patient testimonials. We have a huge amount of positive feedback from our patients and the majority of our patients come through family and friends recommendations. Why not check out our reviews page and also our Google reviews to get an idea of what to expect from our London Circumcision Clinic.

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Baby/ Infant Circumcision

The best age for circumcision is within the first few weeks of life. We routinely use the Plastibell (ring) method as it is usually the best method of circumcision for this age group. Young babies often sleep throughout the circumcision when they are given a comforting milk bottle.

Boys/ Children/ Teenagers


The clinic is very child friendly with plenty of toys which can keep your child occupied during the circumcision. We explain it in a way that makes them relaxed and very often, they are very calm throughout the circumcision. They can wear all clothes and walk normally as soon as we finish

Adult Circumcision

We are the leading adult circumcision clinic in the UK. We accommodate for all circumcisions and are experts in treating foreskin problems such as phimosis. Read our reviews by adult patients who have had circumcisions for medical, cosmetic or religious and cultural reasons. We also perform re-circumcisions and frenulectomies.

  • Modern Clinic

    Our circumcision clinic is based in North-West London, approximately 10 minutes from Wembley Stadium. There is plenty of free parking on our driveway and around the clinic at all times.
    The clinic is on the same road as Queensbury Underground station on the Jubilee line. There is also Burnt Oak Underground station on the Northern Line which is about 5 minutes away by car or 15 minutes walk.

  • Hygienic Clinic

    All the instruments we use for circumcision are professionally sterilized in accordance to the latest infection control guidelines.
    Knowing the circumcision clinic you choose is hygienic is very important as this reduces the chances of catching infections especially dangerous ones such as HIV or Hepatitis.

  • 40+ years of combined experience

    We have over 40 years of combined experience between our practitioners. They have been highly trained in the field of circumcision and have carried out thousands of circumcisions safely.

Circumcision Clinic for babies, children and adults

Call our friendly staff

Whether you are looking for more information or want to book an appointment, our friendly staff are available to guide you.

Number 1 Circumcision Clinic in the UK

With 240+ 5 star Google reviews, we are the leading male circumcision clinic in the UK.

24/7 Aftercare Helpline

Our aftercare is very comprehensive, yet simple to ensure the healing process runs smoothly and pain free. We also offer free follow ups if needed and patients/ parents are welcome to call us or email us if they have any question/ concern.

Ali - 2 months old

I recently had circumcision of my 2 months old baby. I was very much concerned and worried for him. After I read all the feedbacks on this website I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Al-Ali. My experience was amazing, my baby boy did not had any pain afterwards and he was all well although I was in an impression that he will give me a hard time. I am very delighted with the result and would definitely recommend Dr. Al-Ali to all my friends 

Adam & Jakub - 6 & 3 years old

Very satisfied with the procedure of the traditional method. Both kids were done in less than an hour, with no blood and no tears or pain. Fully recovered and got back to normal after 10 days from the procedure.

I highly recommend Dr. Al Ali and his team to anyone who's looking for a trustworthy and experienced doctor to perform such essential treatment for their boys.

A big thank you to Dr. Al Ali and his team from all of us.

Gary - 30 years old

I booked the procedure and like anyone would be was very nervous. Dr Ali and his staff soon made me feel at ease. Everything was explained thoroughly and he made sure i was ready before he commenced.
The procedure itself is completely pain free and Dr Ali makes sure you cannot feel anything before starting.
The procedure took roughly 45mins and after i was ready to go home.
Its been almost 2 months since my surgery and everything has heeled up nicely just like Dr Ali said it would. During the first week you will feel pain in the morning due to obvious reasons but if needed you can take pain killers. After the first week i was fine. I want to commend Dr Ali for his safe,clean and professional service and if you need the procedure done i would highly recommend him. Thanks 

Care Quality Commission (CQC) Registered

The Care Quality Commission regulates all hospitals, clinics, GP clinics, dental practices and care homes to make sure that they meet national standards. It is important to check the circumcision clinic that you choose is registered with the CQC as it is a legal requirement. Our London Circumcision Clinic has passed all of its CQC inspections and you can find our reports by clicking here.

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